12th annual MSU Comics Forum addresses marginalized communities

12th Annual MSU Comics Forum Addresses Marginalized Communities

Michigan State’s comic book collection — the largest comic book collection in the world that holds over 300,000 items — was the center of the MSU Comics Forum, along with various panels, research presentations and discussions that addressed marginalized communities in comics.

Graduate students present research, more at all-day conference

Graduate Students Present Research, More At All-day Conference

A variety of research presentations — featuring topics ranging from right-wing extremism in relation to soccer games to diabetic retinopathy and how it affects vision — professional workshops and shortened thesis presentations made up the all-day 11th annual Graduate Academic Conference.

Dealing With Stereotypes In Gay Communities

Dealing With Stereotypes In Gay Communities

Racism, body shaming, fetishization and sexualization — these issues plague the gay community worldwide. At Michigan State, the gay community is not immune to these problems.