Game Studies Guild explores social issues, representation in video games

Game Studies Guild Explores Social Issues, Representation In Video Games

From world-building to coding, a lot goes into videogames before they can move from production to the screen. The Game Studies Guild at Michigan State aims to educate the community about the history behind games, the politics involved, as well as the social aspects such as accessibility, racism and the role of LGBTQ representation in games.

12th annual MSU Comics Forum addresses marginalized communities

12th Annual MSU Comics Forum Addresses Marginalized Communities

Michigan State’s comic book collection — the largest comic book collection in the world that holds over 300,000 items — was the center of the MSU Comics Forum, along with various panels, research presentations and discussions that addressed marginalized communities in comics.

Graduate students present research, more at all-day conference

Graduate Students Present Research, More At All-day Conference

A variety of research presentations — featuring topics ranging from right-wing extremism in relation to soccer games to diabetic retinopathy and how it affects vision — professional workshops and shortened thesis presentations made up the all-day 11th annual Graduate Academic Conference.

Dealing With Stereotypes In Gay Communities

Dealing With Stereotypes In Gay Communities

Racism, body shaming, fetishization and sexualization — these issues plague the gay community worldwide. At Michigan State, the gay community is not immune to these problems.

Seminar On The ‘History Of Name Changing’ Kicks Off 2019 Colloquia Series

Seminar On The ‘History Of Name Changing’ Kicks Off 2019 Colloquia Series

Fermaglich provided information on the many different paths that legal name changes have taken during the past 120 years, specifically during the World War I and II eras, when it became more necessary and required for women to have jobs. However, the legal name changes did not stop then.